Welcome to Pin Point Editing. I, The Pin, am here to help all writers. I give free first chapter editing, full manuscript editing, query critique, and of course, free advice for all writers on my blog. For everyone who views, comments, and follows my blog, The Pin greatly appreciates it. Your fellow nitpicker, *The Pin*

If you are a writer, and you want to get your first chapter, query, manuscript, website, article, (etc...) edited and/or critiqued by The Pin, please visit the page labeled Editing


First chapter editing
The Pin does free first chapter editing and critique. Email me with your first chapter attached as a Microsoft Word or Notepad file. First come, first serve. I edit and critique all first chapters I receive. 
Full manuscript editing
 What you get if you edit your manuscript with Pin Point Editing:
  • Editing
The Pin will edit your manuscript till perfection. I do grammar, sentence structure, and everything to make your manuscript perfect.
  • Critique
The Pin will tell you her first impressions and thoughts of every chapter, and your whole manuscript all together, so you can see if anything needs to be fixed.
  • Comfortable editing
The Pin will edit your manuscript the way that is most comfortable for you. You can send me chapter-by-chapter or your whole manuscript all at once.
  • Perfection - perfect means perfect
The Pin will edit your manuscript as much as it takes. I will read through it 3 times. I will edit it, if you apply changes to it, I will edit it again, etc...
This also applies to chapter-by-chapter editing.
  • Query editing & critique
The Pin will edit and critique your query.
  • Synopsis editing
The Pin will edit your synopsis. I can edit it 3 times (the same as your manuscript) if necessary.
  • Plot and character suggestions
The Pin will make plot and character suggestions to improve your manuscript (if she has any).
  • Agent and Publisher list
(if you are planning on publishing...) The Pin will prepare a list of agents and publishers (who accept your genre), along with their contact information.
  • You decide...
The Pin respects every writer's voice, and never tries to impose her own. My job is to make your writing better, not to make it mine. If I make a suggestion you don't agree with, simply don't take it. No explanations needed, everyone has their own opinion, and I respect yours.
  • Fair pricing
The Pin tries to make her prices as reasonable as possible. To get an estimate for your manuscript, email me.

  •  Privacy
The Pin NEVER reveals or tries to publish your writing as her own. What you send to me always stays private.  
The "small" print:
The Pin doesn't guarantee you'll get an agent or get published if you get edited by her.
The Pin will not write your book, query, or synopsis for you. That's your job as a writer.
What Pin Point Editing accepts:
The Pin accepts the following genres:
() Romance
() Western
() Mystery
() Science fiction
() Fantasy
() Thrillers
() Horror
() Historical fiction
All other genres other than the ones stated below:
() Gay and Lesbian romance
() Erotica
The Pin accepts writing for the following ages:
() All
The Pin accepts the following types of writing:
() Manuscripts (Books)
() Short Stories
() Websites
() Blogs
() Picture Books
() Scripts
The Pin accepts the following amount of words in your writing:
Any! The Pin charges according to the word count of your manuscript (etc...).

Query and/or synopsis:
The Pin can edit and critique your query and/or synopsis. For an estimate, email me.

The Pin can critique (NOT edit) your manuscript (etc...). For an estimate, email me.