Welcome to Pin Point Editing. I, The Pin, am here to help all writers. I give free first chapter editing, full manuscript editing, query critique, and of course, free advice for all writers on my blog. For everyone who views, comments, and follows my blog, The Pin greatly appreciates it. Your fellow nitpicker, *The Pin*

If you are a writer, and you want to get your first chapter, query, manuscript, website, article, (etc...) edited and/or critiqued by The Pin, please visit the page labeled Editing


The Pin has experience in the confusing, exciting and tough world of publishing. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and has worked and interned at several agencies and known publishing houses.

After all this experience, The Pin decided that it is her job to save the day and help struggling writers to improve their work beyond perfection. In today's economy and market, it' s hard enough to get an agent to even look at your work. The Pin is dedicated to helping you polish, improve and shine your writing. She has a great grip on basic english grammar and is an avid reader, thus has much experience in story structure, plot, characters etc... The Pin is here for you, and she is more than happy to always help with free advice or editing. You can always e-mail The Pin with any questions you might have.

After so many years of working in the public eye, The Pin prefers to stay anonymous, after all, so did most superheroes!