Welcome to Pin Point Editing. I, The Pin, am here to help all writers. I give free first chapter editing, full manuscript editing, query critique, and of course, free advice for all writers on my blog. For everyone who views, comments, and follows my blog, The Pin greatly appreciates it. Your fellow nitpicker, *The Pin*

If you are a writer, and you want to get your first chapter, query, manuscript, website, article, (etc...) edited and/or critiqued by The Pin, please visit the page labeled Editing



-Who is The Pin?
Please visit about for information on who I am.

-What do you charge for editing?
Pricing is different for different types of writing. To see what type of writing I edit, please visit editing. To get an estimate, email me.

-Why do you call yourself The Pin?
I am the editor at Pin Point Editing, therefore I call myself The Pin.

-Why Pin Point Editing?
As an editor, I pin point all mistakes in your writing.

-How do I know you're the right editor for me?
No one knows who is the perfect editor for their writing until they see how they edit. That's why I offer free first chapter editing.  Email me with your first chapter attached as a Microsoft Word or Notepad file. First come, first serve. I edit and critique all first chapters I receive. 

-What do others think of your editing?
To see what some of my clients think, please visit testimonials.

-My question isn't in the F.A.Q., how can I get it answered?
Email me your question.